Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and spreading the happiness amongst those who are just very close to you. Send warm thanksgiving poems to all those who are special to you.

phpFoxer team wishing you the happiness of good friends,

the joy of a happy family, and the wonder of the holiday season.

Have a memorable thanksgiving!

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New product: Landing Userpic Background

Looking for a way to bring fresh and unique look to your landing page? Landing Userpic Background app is great way to achieve bright background for the very first page your new members will see.

Users that are shown on landing page will be chosen randomly and app will do everything to help your landing page look great even if you don't have a lot of members yet.

You will be able to set:

  • background color that will be shown besides semi-transparent avatars;
  • limit of pictures you want to show on your landing page.

You will be also able to turn application on or off in one click.

Two good news in one moment!

We have released new product and provided discounts for it immediately!

Try our new Menu notification app right now and save your money using All-in-one Notifications bulk package.

You will receive both Desktop notifications and Menu notifications apps for your instance and will save 10%. 

Honestly it is the best solution on the market if you want to know everything about your social network in time.

Be linkedIn with all of your friends!

Be ready to test new theme for phpFox!

New LinkedFox theme by phpFoxer is waiting for the purchase!

If you want to be on the top, pay attention to LinkedFox theme! Discreet tone of this theme will make you and members of your social network feel your premium status. LinkedFox theme has very much similar things with LinkedIn.

So it's easier for you to manage it!

Also in this theme are used many innovations include various icons and menus. Download LinkedFox theme now and be the first who will evaluate all its advantages and

Stand out from the crowd!

phpFox Neutron 4.5 like a big delicious pie and it is only for you!

Do you want a piece of a big and tasty pie?

Sure you want!

Be ready to try phpFox Neutron 4.5 with new coolest improvements and new features!

  • Applications;
  • Performance with Major Cache Improvement;
  • Themes – RTL Native Layout Support;
  • Phrase System for better multilingual support;
  • Better Privacy, Block Controllers;
  • Improvements in Photo, Forum and other applications.

Use Discount Voucher: philisback and be ready to get 5% discount to start your own social network today!

This sale will start on Friday, September 9th at 12:00am, and end on Saturday, September 16th 2016 at 11:59 p.m EST as long as supplies of discount vouchers last.

phpFoxer Digital Monday Night promotion

Hello PHPfox lovers!

During Digital Monday get discount purchase at of our CSV User Export plugin for PHPfox. Simply tweet or post about us on Twitter or Facebook and you will receive 50% off! Just email us link to your post at

Wishing you successful business week!

Best regards,
phpFoxer team.

phpFoxer app with Cometchat

Dear PHPfoxers,

Note: this is the page that describes deprecated applications we used for phpFox v3.

Social networking websites are always great communication portals. A lot of mobile applications bring messaging features but only a few allow users to use chat and create chatrooms. Today we're glad to announce that we're releasing phpFoxer iOS and Android apps with premium/platinum Cometchat module integrated from the box!


You may check out all the amazing features of Cometchat here.

Thus users who already have Premium or Platinum license of Cometchat for PHPfox may purchase our apps for the same price: just $499 for both iOS and Android apps.

More than that: Cometchat offers 10% discount to all phpFoxer customers who would like to purchase CometChat (Premium/Platinum Edition). That's a great deal for our existing clients and those who are interested in mobile solutions for PHPfox.

Please check our apps with Chat demo here or get back to us if you have any questions.


For those of you who wanted to get CometChat see details on phpFox CometChat page.