Surprise! New free app from phpFoxer.

This new app will improve SEO of your site. Now it is much easier to get link to the content of your social network then before. 

If there is a text "Merry Christmas", after copying and pasting it user will get following:

Merry Christmas!

Read more at:

So Clipboard Manager app will add your custom content to what users copy on your site. 

*Browser compatibility: All major browsers, IE > 8. Compatible with phpFox 4.5+

How to block country in phpFox (Geo Filter testimonial)

We want to start testimonial about Geo Filter app from our clients review:

Great app, again! I stop all fake signup from a particular country just like the app is suppose to work! thx you!
— Mario Guilbert

It is very easy to use our app. Only thing you need to do is to select countries which you do not want to see your members are from.


Every request will be verified and in case if user is requesting your website from forbidden country he'll receive 403 Forbidden response.

This rules won't affect admins till they're logged in (but be careful to not block your own country).

Note: geo lookup limit is 120 requests per minute. If your site will make more than 120 requests per minute, geo service will be paused for 1 hour. If your site has more than 120 visitors per minute at peak periods, kindly contact us at to remove limits.

Easy to try and much easier to buy!

Significant Benefits of Statistical Process Control

Through the proper use of Statistical Process Control Software, businesses can:

  • Reduce rework
  • Maximize productivity
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Decrease manual inspections
  • Improve client satisfaction and…
  • Ultimately Reduce Costs!!!

phpFoxer team have already thought about your convenience and have prepared Advanced Statistics app. This app will help you to get statistical data from your phpFox instance. Also you will get pure view about all the actions in your social network. This ability will give you more control and methods to Ultimately Reduce Costs!!! 

Free app from phpFoxer!

phpFoxer team always listening attentively to clients needs.

We strive to make our products even better and closer to our clients.


Username on Profile app covers feature request:

It will insert users usernames on their profile pages.

So you will get more information about members of your social network without any help.


Also check our Landing Userpic Background app on the register page of the demo and get discount till 30 November 2016.

Two significant updates in Verified Members app!

phpFoxer team did a significant improvements to Verified Members app!

We did two valuable improvements to our product:

1. The first puts verified icon to all verified members on all pages of the website.

2. The second puts popup window with a customizable text above the verified icon. 

Also be ready to watch video and buy Verified Members app with new updates!

Two good news in one moment!

We have released new product and provided discounts for it immediately!

Try our new Menu notification app right now and save your money using All-in-one Notifications bulk package.

You will receive both Desktop notifications and Menu notifications apps for your instance and will save 10%. 

Honestly it is the best solution on the market if you want to know everything about your social network in time.

phpFox Neutron 4.5 like a big delicious pie and it is only for you!

Do you want a piece of a big and tasty pie?

Sure you want!

Be ready to try phpFox Neutron 4.5 with new coolest improvements and new features!

  • Applications;
  • Performance with Major Cache Improvement;
  • Themes – RTL Native Layout Support;
  • Phrase System for better multilingual support;
  • Better Privacy, Block Controllers;
  • Improvements in Photo, Forum and other applications.

Use Discount Voucher: philisback and be ready to get 5% discount to start your own social network today!

This sale will start on Friday, September 9th at 12:00am, and end on Saturday, September 16th 2016 at 11:59 p.m EST as long as supplies of discount vouchers last.

phpFoxer May update

Hello phpFox lovers!

We're back to tell you about upcoming updates for our app and updates we have not announced yet but which are actually implemented. First of all our app now supports phpFox v4! Yes, you can already order our apps for both iOS and Android to transform your online community into mobile social network! 

We have also created requirements section based on our 5+ years app development experience: If your server supports given requirements you can be sure that our apps will work as smoothly as your main website does. Of course server with more technical resources will make both your website and mobile app work great on desktop, mobile and tablet devices!

Next we have a few insider-news from our dev team. There are some upcoming updates:

  • improved PUSH notifications system;
  • redesigned mobile app's login and signup screens to impress your users in first seconds of app usage;
  • native CometChat integration with video chat support etc.

Our license includes:

  • free of charge branding of your app with graphics you provide us with (there are graphics requirements to make sure that all devices will have best branding appearance);
  • free of charge installation;
  • various services available along with your apps setup: design, SEO, customizations and more.

If you have any questions, contact us at or via our website (

phpFoxer applications for phpFox review

Hello phpFoxers, 

Today we want to tell you about our main product called phpFoxer app. Being on the phpFox market for around 4 years now we are proud to introduce fully-featured iOS and Android apps for phpFox based websites. And here they are!


Along with great design we did our best to provide highest code quality in our product to make you sure that your app will perform as fast as your website does.


Our app package includes AdminCP module that allows you to send PUSH newsletters to your users and customize app's colour scheme. If you wish to have more, we would be glad to help you to make any customization you request:

  • design customization (layout changes, design elements, color scheme changes, etc.);
  • custom modules implementation (it's possible to make your custom module or feature integrated directly into mobile app);
  • adding custom graphics or presentation materials within the app;
  • integration with various native APIs.

phpFoxer applications are cross-platformed. It's designed to fit all the information on small screens and also look clean and presentable on larger screens. You can be sure that your content will look great on Retina screens and latest Android devices.

Nevertheless we're continuously working on improvements as well as on implementation of new features. We are constantly analyzing trends and our goal is to provide our customers with modern, stable and good-looking product that will suite business related networks as well as entertainment and media related ones.


As you can see, our iOS (with iPhone and iPad support) and Android applications for PHPFox are one of the most used products during the PHPFox ( history. You can also search for blog post about our products.

Kindly check our demo, go through all the features and get back to us in case you have any questions or customization requests.