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New product: Landing Userpic Background

Looking for a way to bring fresh and unique look to your landing page? Landing Userpic Background app is great way to achieve bright background for the very first page your new members will see.

Users that are shown on landing page will be chosen randomly and app will do everything to help your landing page look great even if you don't have a lot of members yet.

You will be able to set:

  • background color that will be shown besides semi-transparent avatars;
  • limit of pictures you want to show on your landing page.

You will be also able to turn application on or off in one click.

Grand Opening app for phpFox

Hello phpFoxers!

This time we want to talk with you about websites that are on development stage or still in maintenance mode. If you are planning to release new features and move your website to production soon, this app will be useful for you. We created an app that will allow you to notify your members and new potential users about the time you're planning to launch the site.


Even more attention to your website! With our new Grand Opening app for phpFox Neutron you will be able to add beautiful animated countdown in just few clicks. More than that: setup of this feature is super-easy. Just see how it looks in AdminCP:


On this page you will be able to set opening date. Super-smart codes will automatically calculate opening time for appropriate time zone.


Main settings page will allow you to enable or disable block and set header and sub-header texts. You will be able to use HTML tags there to set own custom style and content there.

For those who want to purchase this app right now, please follow the link below:

Don't hesitate to ask us questions and tell us about your ideas.

Best wishes,