PHPfox Slack channel

Hello PHPfoxers,

Today we want to announce and invite you to the new Slack live chat channel for all PHPfox users, community owners, developers, designers, market researches and PHPfox fans. Our goal is to create a live channel for people where they can share their ideas, ask questions, communicate with developers and make connections between community owners.

Here is the link:

Please use subscription form below to join channel (you will receive invitation within 24 hours) or drop us a note to, so we can invite you to the channel.

phpFoxer app with Cometchat

Dear PHPfoxers,

Note: this is the page that describes deprecated applications we used for phpFox v3.

Social networking websites are always great communication portals. A lot of mobile applications bring messaging features but only a few allow users to use chat and create chatrooms. Today we're glad to announce that we're releasing phpFoxer iOS and Android apps with premium/platinum Cometchat module integrated from the box!


You may check out all the amazing features of Cometchat here.

Thus users who already have Premium or Platinum license of Cometchat for PHPfox may purchase our apps for the same price: just $499 for both iOS and Android apps.

More than that: Cometchat offers 10% discount to all phpFoxer customers who would like to purchase CometChat (Premium/Platinum Edition). That's a great deal for our existing clients and those who are interested in mobile solutions for PHPfox.

Please check our apps with Chat demo here or get back to us if you have any questions.


For those of you who wanted to get CometChat see details on phpFox CometChat page.