iOS and Android applications for phpFox

Promote your community


Enable AppStore and GooglePlay funnels for a new type of user engagement model. From now your members are mobile

Improve usability


Augment users presence within your community as they can access it from wherever they want using their mobile devices

Customize easily


Customize layout colors on-the-fly from your phpFox Admin Panel



phpFox native apps contain basic phpFox features and modules. Integrate any 3rd party module as a WebClip or order featured module integration



Users can access your phpFox based community both through the web and mobile devices easily

PUSH notifications


Immediate updates to users using PUSH notifications and PUSH mass-sender from the Admin Panel


phpFoxer mobile apps for phpFox support both v3 (Nebula) and v4 (Neutron) and have customizable design on both iOS and Android. Applications passed tests on all modern devices, including iPhone X, iPhone 7+, iPad Pro and newest Android devices. Our team will take care about installation and submission of both mobile applications, so you can focus more on management and promotion of your social network. Having own branded phpFox mobile apps has never been so simple!



Fully featured mobile social application

Our iPhone and Android apps cover the features available in Mobile version of phpFox, but it also adds friendly native mobile app UI and unique features like instant photo upload, PUSH notifications and more. All standard phpFox API modules are fully supported. Support of 3rd party modules or custom features may be adopted with the help of our development team.


User interface

Mobile apps UI/UX was created to provide mobile users with all the power of phpFox features but with a friendly and intuitive layout. Check it out on our Demo applications!


Camera and uploads

Give your users the ability to take and share photos and videos on the go! App allows to upload photo from the device's library or directly from the camera!


PUSH notifications

Instant notifications on new actions are a great way to communicate with your users and get them back to the community again and again. Also, with our Admin module, you may easily send mass-mail with some important newsvia PUSH notifications.


3rd party plugins integration

App architecture allows to easily integrate any 3rd party addon to the app. Even if such is not supported by default. We may integrate it as a WebClip (display mobile version of plugin inside the app) or add complete native support of the plugin to the app.


iOS app for phpFox

Android app for phpFox


Starter Package Pro Package One-time Payment Package
One-time Fee $299 $599 $999
Recurring Fee $79 / per month
$429 / per 6 months (you save $45)
$809 / per annum (you save $139)
$79 / per month
$429 / per 6 months (you save $45)
$809 / per annum (you save $139)
0. There's no subscription fee in this case.
Publish to Stores via our Apple/GooglePlay Developer account via your Apple/GooglePlay Developer account via your Apple/GooglePlay Developer account
Support FREE FREE 6 months FREE Support
Apps included iOS + Android iOS + Android iOS + Android
Future Upgrades + + Requires active support
Your Branded App + + +
Your Branded Splash Screen + + +
Unlimited Push Notifications + + +
API Powered Apps + + +
Realtime Updates + + +
App Dashboard + + +
Create, Read, Update and Delete content + + +
Social Networking Features + + +
Native Device Features: Camera Support, Gesture Controls etc. + + +
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How It Works

1. Purchase Apps here;

2. Enroll into the iOS Developer Program if you don't have an account yet:;

3. Register as Google Play developer if you don't have account yet:;

4. Provide us with all the info requested by our team: logo, splash screen, App Title, Keywords (up to 100 characters) and Description;

5. We complete the submission process to Apple App Store and Android Play Store marketplaces within 7 business days after we get all required data from you


Please note: Android app will appear in Google Play immediately, but iOS app requires approval by Apple review team (this process usually takes 7-14 days or even more in some cases).


Our mobile applications are fully tested and work well on shared hosting, VPS (virtual private servers), semi-dedicated and dedicated / cloud servers. In case your website has a big amount of active users (e.g. 200+) and your social network is focused on sharing media content, we recommend you to use dedicated servers. If you're still searching for a perfect hosting solution, you can find it here.
Official technical requirements for phpFox script are available on phpFox requirements page.

Our apps are compatible with phpFox v4.0 and higher for phpFox Neutron and v3.6 and higher for phpFox Nebula.

As for our apps, you can find detailed technical requirements for our apps below:

  • PHP memory limit: 256M
  • MySQL version: 4.1+
  • PHP GD library installed
  • FFMPEG installed
  • Ports 2195 and 2196 opened (required for PUSH notifications)
  • Free space on your server: 2 mb

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to get Apps online?

We submit apps within 7 business days after you provide us with all required data. Android apps appears in Google Play immediately after submission. Apple reviews all apps and this process may take up to 14 days or sometimes even more. We can't affect this process.


How will my app be delivered?

We deliver apps as binaries. We'll submit both iOS and Android apps to AppStore and Google Play for you. We may also send you Android .apk file if you would like to distribute it in another ways rather than Google Play.

Please note: if you would like to review apps before submission, please let us know, but we consider your purchase as delivered when we'll send you installation files.


Will the app fit my website layout?

All apps include basic color customizations to fit your website styles. If you are not happy the with color scheme chosen by our dev team you'll be able to change it at any moment. 

If you feel you need more custom layout kindly contact our sales department to get a free quote on such a customization.


I have a customized PHPFox core. Will the app work with it?

We have server-side part for our applications which we'll need to install on your phpFox website. If you changed phpFox core features apps may have some issues. Our dev team may adopt the app to work with your customized core at affordable price. 

Server side module is not a mod to phpFox, so you'll be able to update your phpFox without any risk. 

Please note: We may ask you to open some server ports to make PUSH notifications work, so this feature may not work if you're using shared hosting. It's not a problem on VPS and VDS (and actually some shared hostings too).


I need more features, is it possible to add them to the app?

If you would like to create custom versions of apps, i.e. free app with limited functionality and full-featured paid app, we may customize the app to fit your needs. Kindly contact our sales department.


What is the difference between "Starter" and "Pro" packages?

The only difference between these 2 plans is that: With the "Starter" package, your iOS & Android apps will be submitted to the app stores with the phpFoxer App Store account. With the "Pro" package, they will be submitted with your own App Store account. Benefits of submitting your apps with your own app store accounts (Pro Package) are:

  • We will be providing you the ".apk" and ".ipa" app build files. You will have full control on the publishing / un-publishing of the apps.
  • While submitting your Apps to the App Stores, we will take and post good screenshots of your App for the App listing. You will be able to change them easily as per your choice from your app store accounts.
  • After your App is submitted, you will also be able to add additional graphics for it from your app store account like: Feature Graphic, Promo Graphic, Promo Video, etc.


If the Pro package has so many benefits, then why would someone subscribe to Starter package?

Starter package has a lower cost than the Pro package. Additionally, with the Starter package, you also save the $99 per year fee of having your own Apple developer account.
Thus if you want to see what your community's mobile apps would be like, with a low initial start-up cost, then you can go for the Starter package.

You can anytime move from the Starter package to Pro package by contacting us, and our support team will help you out. App transfers from phpFoxer app store account to your app store account will be subject to app store terms (see iTunes app transfer terms here, and Google Play Store's app transfer terms here).


Can I cancel my mobile apps subscription any time? What will happen when I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time, and renew your subscription later. While renewing your subscriptions, you will not have to pay their one-time fees again.

We recommend that you should not cancel your subscription to get continued support for our mobile apps and to upgrade the apps on iTunes and Google Play when we release new versions. If you cancel your mobile apps subscription, then you will not be able to file support tickets for any support related questions.
Additionally with the Starter package you need to have an active subscription for your app to be available in the app store. With the Pro package, as the apps are published with your app store account, you have control on the publishing / un-publishing of the apps.


I do not want recurring subscriptionS. How can I get the apps with one-time FEE?

If you want to get Mobile Apps for your phpFox based community along with uninterrupted 6 months support by paying just one-time payment and do not want to loose any benefits of recurring subscription, then you can order this plan: "One-time Payment Package with 6-months Support", that is also mentioned in the above plans list.


Please Note:

1) For building and setting up your community's Mobile Apps an email with instructions will be sent to you after your order of one of the above subscriptions. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding this.

2) These Mobile Apps are dependent on phpFoxer app we'll install during app's configuration. Hence, this plugin must be installed on your phpFox website.

3) Support shall be provided mainly by means of an email support or at the sole discretion of phpFoxer may be provided by other means of communication such as telephone and/or online communication services (Skype).

4) Support shall ONLY be provided for the following issues:

  • Plugins installation and upgrade issues for: "phpFoxer plugin", "Android Mobile Application" and "iOS Mobile Application";
  • iOS and Android apps build-up, setup, submission to app store;
  • iOS and Android apps upgrade;
  • Errors encountered during the normal use of above unmodified plugins and iOS and Android apps;
  • Support, at its sole discretion, may provide assistance with other issues on a case-by-case basis;
  • Support will NOT be liable for requests involving the customization of our software (with the exception of Enterprise customers) including but not limited to:
    • The integration of third-party modules;
    • The addition of functionality to the Software package;
    • The customization of the graphical interface;
    • Assistance in locating resources out of Support's realm of expertise;
  • Support for modified Software will be provided at Support's sole discretion.

5) Regular Development with New Features & Enhancements: We're regularly working on building & releasing new stuff in our iOS & Android mobile apps. To track our upgrade releases for Mobile Apps, please visit:

Get native iPhone and Android apps for your website now!

Starter package
One-time fee $299
Pro Package
One-time fee $599
One-time Payment Package
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