phpFox 4.5.1 Released

Meet new version of phpFox with valuable updates:

  • Change layout of comment;
  • Allow uploading muti-photos while creating new feed;
  • Have an option for admin to decide whether to include a custom field in search or not;


  • All core apps are now working in the same rule while integrating with Page and Group;
  • Allow admin to select which criterion will be used for sorting feed by top stories: sort by total likes, total comments or both;
  • Have an option for admin to choose whether to remove database while uninstalling app or not;
  • And many others...

Installation info:

Also please note that if you have phpFox 4.5.0 or lower installed, you do need to run the full upgrade routine.

New Bulk Package for your phpFox instance

We have created Geo Bulk Package in order to gather all apps based on geo in one place.

With Regions/States app your users can select any country available on registration or when searching for members on members browse page.

Also with Geo Filter app you can forbid users from one or multiple countries to visit your website. Every request will be verified and in case if user is requesting your website from forbidden country he'll receive 403 Forbidden response.

Buy Geo Bulk Package right now and receive 10% discount for both Regions/States & Geo Filter apps.

Smart App Banner. Start New Year with new app from phpFoxer!

This tiny app will inform your visitors who use mobile devices that you have iOS / Android mobile applications for phpFox and allow them to get your app in one click.

This feature was first introduced for Safari users, but in rapidly growing mobile traffic every site that has own mobile application needs to inform their members about their mobile apps.

You can also get this app for free if you're existing phpFoxer mobile apps owner (just drop us a note to


  • configurable app icon;
  • configurable app title;
  • configurable links to your app in App Store and Google Play;
  • configurable author field;
  • configurable action text;
  • configurable price.

Make sure to use your mobile device on demo – banner won't show for desktop users ;)

Compatibility: v4.5.0+

Merry Christmas from phpFoxer!

Merry Christmas from phpFoxer!

A little smile. A word of cheer.
A bit of love from someone near.
A little gift from one held dear.
Best wishes for the coming year.
These make a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the perfect season to reach out to others when laughter and good tidings are in the air. Here’s hoping that your Christmas will find you among family and friends, sharing the spirit of the season.

To make Christmas the most joyful time of the year phpFoxer team prepared special discounts for one of your beloved products. Use promo code "phpFoxer2017" to get 10 % discount on our iOS / Android mobile apps for phpFox.

In 2016 our company released 14+ applications, 7+ phpFox templates and a language pack. We also presented 4 different bulk product packages.
For the next year we are planning to do even more with your help and we are always open to create next big things that your communities need.

Thank you for being with us in 2016 and looking forward to work with you again in 2017!

Best regards,
phpFoxer team.

New emotions with new product! Meet User Group Icon app from phpFoxer.

This app adds icons for users that belong to specific user groups.

How it works?

  • users join your website and choose specific user group or subscription;
  • you define icon that users get depending on which user group they're in;
  • specified user group's users are showing with your icon next to their names in all possible blocks and pages and on their profiles.

Also there are great number of significant features and you need to know about them:

  • you can make admins more visible with this app;                                                                      
  • you can add text description for each user group, so if users hover a mouse over the icon on profile, he'll get a popup with text defined for this user group (of course, this feature is optional, you can always turn it off in AdminCP);                                                                       
  • you can use PNG, JPG or even SVG depending on your needs;                                                 
  • this app is integrated with our Verified Members app. You can get in touch with us and we'll provide you with a demo of 2 apps working together;                                                               
  • this app can help you to increase monetization. You may create various user groups, e.g. Premium, Deluxe, etc with corresponding subscriptions. Users that want to join Premium user groups and get new shiny icon near their name can purchase subscription and instantly get the icon (you won't need to take any manual actions).

Note: we recommend to use square icons.

Surprise! New free app from phpFoxer.

This new app will improve SEO of your site. Now it is much easier to get link to the content of your social network then before. 

If there is a text "Merry Christmas", after copying and pasting it user will get following:

Merry Christmas!

Read more at:

So Clipboard Manager app will add your custom content to what users copy on your site. 

*Browser compatibility: All major browsers, IE > 8. Compatible with phpFox 4.5+

phpFox Neutron 4.5 release!

Long awaited phpFox Neutron 4.5 is now available to download.
Be the first to download and update your phpFox version to phpFox Neutron 4.5
For this purpose use the instructions listed below:

If you still doubt test phpFox Neutron 4.5 version on our demo.
Also if you have any questions please contact us by email anytime:

Thank you for using phpFox.

How to block country in phpFox (Geo Filter testimonial)

We want to start testimonial about Geo Filter app from our clients review:

Great app, again! I stop all fake signup from a particular country just like the app is suppose to work! thx you!
— Mario Guilbert

It is very easy to use our app. Only thing you need to do is to select countries which you do not want to see your members are from.


Every request will be verified and in case if user is requesting your website from forbidden country he'll receive 403 Forbidden response.

This rules won't affect admins till they're logged in (but be careful to not block your own country).

Note: geo lookup limit is 120 requests per minute. If your site will make more than 120 requests per minute, geo service will be paused for 1 hour. If your site has more than 120 visitors per minute at peak periods, kindly contact us at to remove limits.

Easy to try and much easier to buy!

Cyber Monday!

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and spreading the happiness amongst those who are just very close to you. Send warm thanksgiving poems to all those who are special to you.

phpFoxer team wishing you the happiness of good friends,

the joy of a happy family, and the wonder of the holiday season.

Have a memorable thanksgiving!

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