User Generator app for phpFox

Greetings to all phpFox community owners!

We're releasing another great app for phpFox today and it's called User Generator.


User Generator is the app that will easily allow you to generate up to 5000 members per run in a few easy steps. You will need to fill out a simple form with:

  • users amount (up to 5k);
  • password for new users;
  • user group of new users;
  • relationship status (optional);
  • currency (optional);
  • time zone (optional).

Then just click Generate Users and check the progress – users will be created after scheduled operations to not to overload your server with heavy database queries and stopping its normal operation. Users creation takes up to 5-10 minutes for 5000 users depending on phpFox server and network conditions.


As you can see, all members have their own profile picture, random names and even countries shown using our Flags app. Of course all this members are available for search on Members page:

Shown on a demo with our Transformer theme

Shown on a demo with our Transformer theme

So as you can see this app can be quite useful for all who are starting their phpFox based social communities – sites for sports, education, dating and more.

Transformer theme for phpFox

Hey everyone! We've released a new template for phpFox called Transformer.

Check this blog post for details.


We have developed this new theme with a few really amazing built-in features:
- elegant and attractive landing page that can be configured from AdminCP;
- expandable stylish side-menu with Dashboard layout;
- configurable footer.


As you can see left-side menu can be expanded or minimized depending on situation


Team have worked a lot on forms, changes to notification menus, drop-downs and popups. Here are just a few more screenshots of this beautiful template:


A few words about upcoming features: team is now working on style editor that will be included into Transformer addon free of charge in future update.

For those who liked our new theme – you can test the demo using below button:

For those who can't wait to get it installed right now – you can install it through phpFox store:

New phpFox Instant Messaging App

Hello phpFoxers,

Great news for us today – phpFox released brand new Instant Messaging app which should significantly improve user interaction in your network. New IM app is supported on phpFox 4.5.2 and higher:

IM App is one of the core features of PRO V4 package of phpFox. It is an IM Chat for you to allow your users to send individual messages, attach external links, and share emoji to other users. Your users will be able to send instant private chat to their friends on your community site.
— phpFox

Users will be able to open messenger popup window when they click on message icon. There is an option to search friends with auto-suggestion. Users will be able to resize Messenger popup or open it in a new tab.


Users will get notifications for new messages (plus they can extend this functionality with Desktop Notifications for phpFox) and will be able to search by content of all messages, hide conversations, mute notifications for specific conversation, attach files (gif, jpeg, png, jpg or zip) and use emoticons!


Of course it will be possible to delete messages, switch keyboard shortcut for sending messages, apply ban filters and preview images.


Server side of the app will run on Node JS to ensure smooth functionality of your side.

Of course new IM module is compatible with our great phpFox templates

If you will need our professional help to set up Instant Messages on your server don't hesitate to contact us.

That's all for now, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Stay tuned!

Flags app for phpFox


As our team makes everything possible to commit to phpFox community as much as possible, we are glad to announce our new app called Flags.


We all know that it's very important to attract users to interact with each other, get each other better, discover something new and bring more to your community. Our new Flags app will help your users to indicate where they located and identify where other members are from. This will be extremely useful for communities popular all over the world. 


Users who marked their countries when registered on your website will automatically get flag near their username on a profile and all pages of your community that show their name. Admin will be able to change icon size (large / medium / small), decide whether certain user group is allowed to get flags near their usernames or not and of course to enable or disable Flags app.


Additionally we have updated our Geo bulk package for phpFox. You may get Regions / States, Geo Filter and Flags apps with 10% off!

phpFoxer April roundup

Hello folks!

Thanks for tracking our updates. We hope you enjoy promotions we make on our powerful products, tools and solutions. This month we have made a lot of improvements in our most popular products and prepared a special sale offers for you. 


Verified Members

Updated Verified Members app for phpFox got a few new features:
- Verification comments (members now can verify each other if Admin allows this);
- Option to apply for verification by uploading ID;
- Improved phrases support;
- UI fixes.


Facebook style theme

Team made a few edits that will allow you to edit theme colors in easier way. At the same time we have made significant testing that will push us to release next update of the theme in the nearest time. A lot will improve and get fixed, we promise.


Interests for phpFox

We're excited to unveil Interests, a brand-new product made especially for phpFox customers who want their community members to get in touch, introduce themselves to each other and so on. Users will enjoy new way of communication and common interest based features that Interests app offers. It's now available in the phpFox store with 40% off.



Desktop Notifications

This month we fixed a problem that affected some iOS and Mac users on Safari. 
We will keep tracking Notifications API support by Mac OS X and iOS browsers to provide Desktop Notifications support on this platform in future.




We're planning to release at least 2 new products in May. As usual, don't hesitate to contact us if you'll have any ideas or suggestions. 

Stay tuned!

Interests for phpFox

Today we're releasing our brand new app called Interests. Yes, now your users will be able to find people with common interests in a more easy way.


Interests app will allow your users to find people who are interested in same things as they are. Simply click on Interests link on their profile.


When registering your users will be prompted to choose their interests. There are 300+ pre-defined hobbies, sport activities, professional interests etc so everyone will be able to find what they like.

Every interest has own page with defined image and description and list of people who are interested in chosen hobby / sport / professional area. This is a great way for people with same interests to connect with each other, start conversation and share their ideas. 


Of course every interest page is SEO-optimized so even presence of this pages will increase search positions of your website and users will be able to join your network basing on their interests. Additionally interests are editable right from AdminCP which gives you an option to add longer description or change image that represents specific interest.

Check out our Interests app for phpFox in phpFox store at just $29.99 now.

New Videos app for phpFox

Hello phpFox fans!

Great news for everyone today: phpFox released new Videos app which supports direct video uploading. You can find details below:

phpFox makes it easy to share video from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Mp4, Facebook or upload video directly from computers.
phpFox Videos app's settings

phpFox Videos app's settings

    Feature List

    1 . Feed

    • Allow users to share videos to feed by using link or uploading files
    • Allow users to share videos to their walls or friend's walls
    • While sharing video, users can view file size limit
    • While sharing video, users can select privacy for it
    • User can drag and drop file while sharing video
    • Users can like, share, report the video feed

    2 . Main Videos Page

    • Allow users to browse all videos and see some information for each video as: title, posted by, total view, etc
    • Users can search video, sort or filters by some criteria
    • Users can view videos in a specific category
    • Allow users to sponsor their videos
    • Allow users to sponsor video in feed
    • Moderators can use mass actions to manage videos as delete, approve, feature videos
    • Moderator can sponsor or feature a specific video
    • Users can view their own videos in My Videos page
    • Users can view their friends' videos in Friends' Videos page
    • Moderator can approve all pending videos in Pending Videos page

    3 . Video Detail Page

    • Display all information of video as: title, description, category, total views
    • Play video directly in the detail page
    • Support social sharing via Addthis
    • Owner / Moderator can perform some actions as: edit, delete, sponsor in feed, sponsor/un-sponsor, feature/un-feature, approve
    • Users can perform some actions as: like, comment, share, report
    • Has Suggestion block to suggest videos which have the same category with the current one

    4 . Share Video

    • Allow users to share video from other source as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and so on
    • Title and description of videos got from some sources can be parsed directly and put into the sharing form
    • Allow users to upload video from local server
    • Allow users to store videos on local server or S3. Support CDN in case store on local server
    • Allow users to drag and drop video in case uploading
    • Integrate with CKEditor to edit video's description
    • Allow users to add title, description, category of video

    5 . Privacy Settings

    • Allow users to configure the default privacy for their new videos

    6 . Back End - Dashboard and Site Statistics

    • View all videos as well as pending videos

    7 . Back End - App Settings

    • Configure to use pagination or load more in search page (apply from 4.6.0)
    • Configure the number of videos will be shown on some blocks as Featured Videos, Sponsored Videos, Suggestion
    • Configure to show / hide videos which created in Page / Group into the All Video page of Video app (apply from 4.6.0)
    • Enable / disable providers as: upload video, Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and so on
    • Configure Zencoder / S2 Account
    • Select video processing (S3 or local server)
    • Configure SEO meta keywords and SEO meta description
    • Configure FFMPEG

    8 . Back End - User Group

    • Configure all settings for each user group

    9 . Back End - Manage Categories

    • Can add, edit, delete, re-order caegories
    • When delete category, admin has some options to choose ++ Remove all items belong with this category ++ Select another category to move all items ++ Leave the items no category (items aren't required category)

    10 . Migrate videos from phpFox V3 to this new app

    11 . Migrate videos from the old Video app to this new one

    12 . Use global time stamp instead of having its own

    13 . Configure the responsive size, number of item in each block (apply from 4.6.0)


    • This app is applied for Neutron Pro package only. Refer to to see all packages.
    • This app is currently compatible with phpFox 4.5.2 or later
    • If you install this app, it will replace the current video core app
    • Some feature will be applied from phpFox 4.6.0

    Installation Guide

    Please follow below steps to install new phpFox Video app:

    • Give 777 permission for folder /PF.Site/Apps/core-videos/.
    • Install the Video app from the store.
    • Clear cache on your site

    To upload videos to your own server you'll need to configure FFMPEG. This is the last setting on Settings page in AdminCP. You can ask your hosting provider about FFMPEG path on your server, it may look like "/home/ffmpeg/ffmpeg". When you entered it, on FFMPEG Video Utilities page you'll see something similar: 


    If everything's okay you will be able to switch your upload method from Zencoder + S3 to FFMPEG on Settings page like below


    Then video upload page will show an option to select a file and upload it.


    Once video details are done you'll probably need to wait a few minutes while your server's FFMPEG will encode the video.


    phpFoxer Easter Sale 2017

    For 4 days only, phpFoxer is offering all of our clients to purchase phpFoxer solutions exclusively with 25% OFF using phpFoxerEaster promo code in phpFox store. That's right, you can purchase any of our phpFox themes or addons and get an exclusive 25% off right away!

    This year, turn Easter into phpFox sale day with phpFoxer. It's just one of the many ways we invite you to experience the difference.

    Another great information for those who just considering to purchase phpFox now. phpFox offers another 20% OFF discount as a celebration of this coming Easter. The promotion is only valid for two days, and it will run on April 16-17, 2017 (PST). You can use this promotion code EASTER17 when purchasing any of the phpFox V4 packages.  Click the button below to start your own social network with 20% off now!

    So again, happy Easter and Vaisakhi to all of you folks! Stay tuned!

    Advanced Footer for phpFox

    Hi folks!

    We're glad to tell you about our brand new app called Advanced footer.


    Advanced Footer is an app for phpFox that allows you to create your own interesting footer with enough information about your community or company.



    Main Features

    • visitors will be able to see your custom text description (info about things which your company can offer customers or description that convey the main idea of your company) in footer's left column;
    • you can create your own custom menu in footer (with custom link titles and URLs);
    • you will be able to place links to your social accounts and summary in footer with clean-designed icons using AdminCP.


    Footer view

    Our app represented by brand new footer block with three columns that have same width. Advanced footer will be displayed on the bottom of every page of your social network and contains three columns that are centered by the width of the document. Columns have same width and we took into account that the tablet view has own speciality, so you have a great responsive readable design on both desktop and tablet view in one app.

    Every column contains title and main section. The main section for the first column is summary information about your community. In this block, you can give major concept of your organization or tell your clients about features of your professional society. In the middle of the Advanced Footer you can place links to important pages of your website (network). For example, you have page with company's policy or page with terms of service of users choice, so you can leave links on them in this column. Another option is to use this block to link most important areas of your site to increase their SEO index.

    Every company, society, and organization of people with one goal has accounts in social networks. In right column of our Advanced Footer we provided an option to list links to social network accounts. It is useful block to simply allow your colleagues, followers or clients to get in touch with you or your organization. This block can contain icons that correspond to social networks you're referring to.




    Sometimes you may want to add some style or text edits to some blocks on your pages. Gladly our app allows you to configure Advanced Footer and its content right from your AdminCP. You will be able to change every column titles and main content. In addition you can control style of Advanced Footer such as footer background color, text color and titles color, two last colors are blended together in icon view. App has management system allows you to quickly to enable or disable your app by simply pressing “Yes”/“No” button on 'Settings' page.


    Click button below to purchase Advanced Footer for phpFox now. Hurry up to get 25% release off!