phpFox 4.7.2


First of all, phpFoxer team wishes you happy and successful New Year 2019!

phpFox prepared a gift for all of us – new version of phpFox – 4.7.2. You can find release notes and some screenshots below.

New Features / Improvements

  • Allow Admin to Enable/Disable countries instead of deleting them.

  • Support to restore custom designs of the template after upgrading Platform or template.

  • Allow sorting users list to only friends.

  • Translated phrases can't be saved in custom fields if the field was empty.

  • Update and remove some core blocks.

  • Update and remove unused/unnecessary scripts in several core sections.

  • When change primary color in Manage theme page, the color of values upon selecting from drop downs will also change accordingly.

Full change log is available here:

phpFox 4.7.2 on iPhone X

phpFox 4.7.2 on iPhone X

Also phpFox Core components (apps and themes) were updated:

  • Material Template

  • Messages

  • Photos

  • Mobile API

  • Activity Points

You can test phpFox 4.7.2 here:

You can get phpFox or upgrade your license using below button. If you need any help in updating or setting up phpFox feel free to contact us here.