phpFox – PHP Social Network Script

phpFox is a great supported cross-platform system that built with PHP and MySQL for creating online social communities. You can create your own plugins, widgets to extend functionality to your own needs.



The main site of platform allows you to test it with a live demo. Don’t waste your time – click on the link

phpFox's advantage over other platforms is administration support of social networks of all sizes.

To install phpFox you need FTP client and file archive of phpFox. Run the installer to connect SQL database after unzipping. Fill in the form to create an administrator account. Congratulations! That’s all.

You can find detailed instructions about how to install phpFox in our blog.


If your users don’t speak English, don't worry too much: there are language packages for Spanish, German, Russian and many more languages available in phpFox Store compatible with latest version of the system.

Talking about interface of the system I should say that you don’t need strong coding skills to communicate with it. Interface is easy to understand and easy to work with. Sleek design of the main site will impress people with increased visual perception of the environment, the brevity of the interface should be loved in perfectionists society.




License of phpFox has trial period and you can buy one of the three available: Lite, Network, Community. Price starts at $299. Each of packages consists of own set of functions. For a minimal start you can start with a start Lite package that will work great for small community.

phpFox Community package is filled by all available tools plus 90 days of technical support.

Click here to get more details about how to download phpFox.


I'm ready to buy phpFox. What should I do?

Purchase phpFox using the button below and get phpFoxer apps or themes of $50 value for free! Just let us know as soon as you make a purchase. If you also need a hosting, check out our phpFox hosting recommendations.