phpFox: marketplace and monetization

Hello phpFox fans!

Today we want to talk about one of the most crucial aspects for all social network owners – monetization. One of the most simple and efficient ways is setting up the Marketplace that will allow your users to bring their digital products, services and even real items for sale. You can set up paid subscriptions and allow paid members to be able to sell on your marketplace – this will help you and your members to earn. Along with that, you will get even more unique niche social network by setting up your personal store system right inside your own social network.

There are a few important steps to set up marketplace in this way:

  • Creating a User Group
  • Changing User Group Settings
  • Creating Subscription Packages

phpFox created a video tutorial that will guide you how to set some of the marketplace settings for the user groups. Just follow this guide and you will be able to create unique marketplace for your website that will make your niche social network even more unique!

You may also check out various additional apps, such as Desktop Notifications that might be useful for those that need to keep updated quickly for notices.

Additionally, you may check out great themes for phpFox that will help you to bring clean look to your website.