Flags app for phpFox


As our team makes everything possible to commit to phpFox community as much as possible, we are glad to announce our new app called Flags.


We all know that it's very important to attract users to interact with each other, get each other better, discover something new and bring more to your community. Our new Flags app will help your users to indicate where they located and identify where other members are from. This will be extremely useful for communities popular all over the world. 


Users who marked their countries when registered on your website will automatically get flag near their username on a profile and all pages of your community that show their name. Admin will be able to change icon size (large / medium / small), decide whether certain user group is allowed to get flags near their usernames or not and of course to enable or disable Flags app.


Additionally we have updated our Geo bulk package for phpFox. You may get Regions / States, Geo Filter and Flags apps with 10% off!