Advanced Footer for phpFox

Hi folks!

We're glad to tell you about our brand new app called Advanced footer.


Advanced Footer is an app for phpFox that allows you to create your own interesting footer with enough information about your community or company.



Main Features

  • visitors will be able to see your custom text description (info about things which your company can offer customers or description that convey the main idea of your company) in footer's left column;
  • you can create your own custom menu in footer (with custom link titles and URLs);
  • you will be able to place links to your social accounts and summary in footer with clean-designed icons using AdminCP.


Footer view

Our app represented by brand new footer block with three columns that have same width. Advanced footer will be displayed on the bottom of every page of your social network and contains three columns that are centered by the width of the document. Columns have same width and we took into account that the tablet view has own speciality, so you have a great responsive readable design on both desktop and tablet view in one app.

Every column contains title and main section. The main section for the first column is summary information about your community. In this block, you can give major concept of your organization or tell your clients about features of your professional society. In the middle of the Advanced Footer you can place links to important pages of your website (network). For example, you have page with company's policy or page with terms of service of users choice, so you can leave links on them in this column. Another option is to use this block to link most important areas of your site to increase their SEO index.

Every company, society, and organization of people with one goal has accounts in social networks. In right column of our Advanced Footer we provided an option to list links to social network accounts. It is useful block to simply allow your colleagues, followers or clients to get in touch with you or your organization. This block can contain icons that correspond to social networks you're referring to.




Sometimes you may want to add some style or text edits to some blocks on your pages. Gladly our app allows you to configure Advanced Footer and its content right from your AdminCP. You will be able to change every column titles and main content. In addition you can control style of Advanced Footer such as footer background color, text color and titles color, two last colors are blended together in icon view. App has management system allows you to quickly to enable or disable your app by simply pressing “Yes”/“No” button on 'Settings' page.


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