Video Status for phpFox

Videos are essential part of all content generated by users in social networks. phpFox is not an exception, but is there enough opportunity for users to post their content? 

phpFox's Video app supports uploading videos from the local machine or embedding from video hosting such as YouTube or Vimeo. As soon as we're very mobile oriented company and believe that iOS and Android apps will be the future we're comparing how users interact with web and desktop devices. After all we created our new Video Status app.


Video Status app allows users to post short videos right from their profile or activity feed in a very simple way.


After user clicks Start Recording he will be prompted to allow the website to access his camera and microphone. As soon as user approves, video preview will be shown and all the process of video recording will be very intuitive.


So after users will start to post their videos there will be plenty new posts of a new type. Also every user will have a page that lists all status videos.


Okay, features are clear so far. What about options for administrators?


It's possible to change video status maximum length and restrict downloading status videos.


There are also user group settings that allow only members of specific user groups to access Video Status features. This is a great way to promote your website subscriptions in a better way and monetize your network.

Video recording browser support (as of May 2018):

  • Chrome: supported (v49+);
  • Firefox: supported (v58+);
  • Chrome on Android: supported (v66 confirmed);
  • Samsung Internet (v6.2+);
  • IE / Edge / Safari / Opera: not supported;

If you have any suggestions – feel free to inform us at You can purchase Video Status app in phpFox store.