FoxPlus Classic theme for phpFox Neutron

Hello friends!

This time we want to announce our new product called FoxPlus Classic theme.


We were inspired by styles Google used in their interfaces, so if you're looking for something similar to what you can see in their products, this is what you need.


As you can see, FoxPlus Classic theme for phpFox is 100% mobile-compatible and looks great on both iOS and Android.


We have paid attention to profile page, which is essential for all social networking websites. Template of user profiles was modified in a similar way to Google Plus profile style.


We have also paid attention to profiles that don't have cover image or profile image yet. As you can see, we have used glossy style with stylish dark tones.

For those who are interested in purchasing our new FoxPlus classic theme: please visit its phpFox store page by clicking below button:

PHPfox custom theme / template service by phpFoxer

Hey PHPfoxers, 

Today we'll start telling you some interesting stuff about our services.

As from 2011 we have started with PHPfox customization and development. Our main goal was to create a way for PHPfox community to stay online even if users aren't at their PC or Mac, thus we started development of a mobile applications for iOS and Android. Development took us some time... However we are still on pulse of the main mobile trends and doing our best to keep our apps the most popular mobile solution on Moxi9 / PHPfox market.

A week ago we released our "CSV User Export" plugin that allows our clients to export a list of users of their networks and then import it to any application for data storage or analysis.

Today we're announcing our "Custom template" creation service for PHPfox. PHPfoxer dev team is ready to implement or create any custom design for your social network. Our quality standards are as high as we require them to be for any of our products and we are inspired by world's leading IT startups, services and devices. You can always be confident that you will like the result. 

We can definitely guarantee any task in regards to web development will be done in shortest timeframe and with the highest code quality.

If you feel like interested, feel free to order "Custom template" creation service starting from $999 here. Otherwise contact us for a special quote.