phpFox Redis guide

Hello phpFox lovers! 

As phpFox announced Redis support in phpFox 4.4.0 and higher, you can improve your site's performance using Redis data structure server. 


Basically Redis will reduce amount of queries phpFox makes which leads to much better site performance, especially relating to resource-consuming modules, such as activity feed (probably, Redis caching will also affect chats and other parts of phpFox).

So, what will you need to enable Redis:

  1. make sure that your server has Redis installed and configured on your server;
  2. install Redis app: Log into your AdminCP and head on over to Settings > Performance. Look for and enable the Redis URI & Enable Redis features. You must first fill in the URI before you can enable Redis support;
  3. understand how Redis persistence works and install Redis more properly :)

Of course technical questions may be hard to understand. In case if you want Redis cache to be configured on your server, we can do this for you. Don't hesitate to contact us at