phpFox 4.5.3 released


Good news for everyone who uses phpFox or considers to start new social network. Today phpFox released phpFox 4.5.3 which makes phpFox core better.


There were a lot of tiny improvements and it seems that phpFox team have worked hard to present them to us. Here are a few of them:

  • Add new setting "Secure with SSL or TLS" to configure mail server
  • Admins of site now have ability to add themselves to be page/group's admins
  • Add new setting "Display User Cover Photos within Gallery"
  • Click on user cover photo / profile photo to go to photo detail page
  • Add the "Error 500" page
  • Support new log system
  • Put all mail processes into message queue
  • Send notification to owner when item is sold
  • Add the new page for admin to approve all pending comments at AdminCP --> Comment app
  • Clean up all special characters in all url of site
  • Hide the button to create new item (photo, music, event, friend list, etc) to users who do not have permission to perform this action
  • Allow users to check-in while sharing photo or video on feed (this feature will be applied on newest version of Videos and Photos)
  • Now owner will receive a notification once a sponsored item is approved / denied
  • Support CKEditor on custom pages at AdminCP
  • Add one more step while upgrading / installing platform to check and list out all apps on Store which compatible with this version of platform and also are valid with the license of site. Admin can check to select which apps will be installed / upgraded during the upgrading / installing platform. These apps will be disabled while processing and then be enabled again after finish

Additionally over 60 bugs were fixed and some old features were deprecated. 
Also for those who were concerned about UI/UX on pages that require pagination – it was improved in 4.5.3 and now there are 3 options:
- scroll down to load more;
- paging with Next and Prev buttons;
- paging with page number.

Also there will be a possibility to set up specific blocks from AdminCP. 

We're checking compatibility of apps with phpFox v4.5.3 and can't wait until 4.6.0 will be released!

For now you can check out our great phpFox themes and services.

Stay tuned!