Stories for phpFox


phpFoxer team releases new phpFox app called Stories! You have certainly heard about Instagram – quick stories is a big part of its functionality. Many other social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat also use this features to provide users with more way to express themselves, let their friends know about their everyday life, travel, sports or any other constituents of our life.


With Stories app any user can add a photo or video taken from their device's camera to a story. If this is a first element of a story, their friends will optionally receive a notification. 


As a user you can post to a story right from Activity Feed on a Home page or using an elegant block that appears on the top of activity feed, just like on Instagram.


Stories are displayed using a beautiful gallery that shows stories of all users in a sequence. Of course user can skip a story or close the popup at any time.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 11.42.18 AM.png

In terms of settings – it's possible to set story expiration time, privacy and enable or disable notifications for new stories.