Posts View Counter for phpFox

Hi folks!

Autumn gives us more inspiration to build new apps for phpFox. Meet phpFox Posts View Counter!


Our new app is designed to help users to understand how popular their posts are. As far as you may know phpFox has own algorithm that decides which posts to show first. It's not just fetching them by date, but also considers post's likes, privacy, comments amount, date posted etc. 

In order to make it easier to track popular feeds we have created the plugin that makes it simple to see which posts are receiving more interactions.


See how simple it is? It just shows "3" near share button. This means that this post haven't received much attention yet. It gets more interesting if we check more posts:


Feel free to try it on our demo: It also integrates with our Advanced Statistics app for phpFox.

Have any ideas how we can improve this plugin? Send us a message or post a comment below.