phpFoxer mobile apps feature requests

Hi phpFox community! 

As far as you may know we have recently released our iOS and Android apps for phpFox. We're moving forward with updates and improvements on both platforms. Here is the list of most recent updates we've made during December:
- several new color changes options are available;
- improved friend requests on profiles;
- improved layouts on iPhone X;
- fixes related to posts sharing in Activity Feed;
- added transition from event's card in Activity Feed to event's profile;
- added support of all accessible types of Activity Feed on user's profile.

Still we know that your community is unique and requires some specific features that app may still not include from the box. You can use below form in order to submit your feature requests and ideas – we will receive and carefully analyze them. Ideas with most votes will receive higher priority in our development schedule. 

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Submit your favorite feature and stay tuned for the next update!