phpFox 4.6.0 new features, fixes and improvements

Hey phpFox fans!

Let's talk a bit about future updates of phpFox and overall script improvements. Some time ago phpFox staff announced that phpFox will release version 4.5.2 and then there will be a bigger release – phpFox 4.6.0


So the main question: when we'll see phpFox 4.6.0? according to this post we should expect it to be released about June or July 2017 which is in around 3-4 months. What will be implemented during this pretty significant amount of time? Let's find out. Here are some features announced by phpFox in their blogs:

  • Support drag and drop while uploading photos/files
  • Support preview photos while uploading
  • Each app which is integrated with Page/Group will have the settings to display public items in All Item page of the corresponding app or not
  • Allow admin to hide/show integrated apps in menu of the page/group detail
  • phpFox will have a new block “In this category” in some apps to display some items which have the same category with the current one while viewing item detail;
  • Support of pagination and better (endless) scrolling on mobile;

Sounds good. But let's try to find out more! According to phpFox bug tracker phpFox 4.6.0 may also include following improvements and fixes:

  • Pages - Adding blocks Interest
  • Better menu management system. Interest
  • Redesign AdminCP Interest
  • Video Posting Issue
  • Blog and forum views Interest
  • Selecting a category when uploading a photo
  • Suggestion for buttons
  • The poll should not automatically add a "?" mark at the end. This reason should be obvious.
  • Social Sharing
  • Relocate the upper imposed friend add button. It's blocking faces.
  • Search "whole words only" in AdminCP #1842
  • Notifications pages & groups Interest
  • Option to Change color of titles of pages and group.
  • Get rid of photo info/stat as it detracts from content interaction.
  • Save search
  • Track which emails have already been sent to inactive members to prevent getting blacklisted Interest
  • Email for pokes Interest
  • Pages and Groups, Add Category to Forums
  • how many seconds video upload | restrict user
  • Pages and group menu needs to be darker (Accepted)
  • Set an existing photo as cover photo Interest
  • forum (search) Styling issue on mobile ( forum search)
  • Add registration step
  • Make the name in Menu (mobile) clickable
  • Search under members Interest
  • Referral link with automatic friend add Interest
  • Video Count not included in Site Statistics #1802
  • Edit Video title
  • Video categories
  • Make Clickable images In main pages of events, quizes and polls Interest
  • Move Forum Reply Button Interest
  • [v4.2.0] Search button not working (Accepted) Interest
  • Groups approval location Button Need to be moved to a more obvious location and better name (Accepted)
  • Support Rewrite URL for phpFox Apps (Accepted)
  • Fun feature idea! Have option for pages to customize their pages with sub-themes (Accepted)

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