Interests for phpFox

Today we're releasing our brand new app called Interests. Yes, now your users will be able to find people with common interests in a more easy way.


Interests app will allow your users to find people who are interested in same things as they are. Simply click on Interests link on their profile.


When registering your users will be prompted to choose their interests. There are 300+ pre-defined hobbies, sport activities, professional interests etc so everyone will be able to find what they like.

Every interest has own page with defined image and description and list of people who are interested in chosen hobby / sport / professional area. This is a great way for people with same interests to connect with each other, start conversation and share their ideas. 


Of course every interest page is SEO-optimized so even presence of this pages will increase search positions of your website and users will be able to join your network basing on their interests. Additionally interests are editable right from AdminCP which gives you an option to add longer description or change image that represents specific interest.

Check out our Interests app for phpFox in phpFox store at just $29.99 now.