Featured Videos app for phpFox

Hi there! 

After some delay our team has been working on improvements of VK theme, Password checker and our other phpFox plugins we have released a new one – Featured Videos!

Many phpFox users are asking about future improvements of phpFox built-in Video module. Unfortunately it doesn't allow admins and regular users to feature their videos. This is a good option to make most important content more visible.


This elegant block will appear on the top of your videos (so the list of videos will display below as usual). Users will be able to scroll featured videos left and right when there's more than one video. If there is only one featured video, it will take all available space of the block.


Additionally there will be a block that displays featured videos on your members home page.
Of course, the block is responsive and works great on mobile!


This is what users see when they click "Your Video Here?" button. In this popup they may choose one or more of their videos and ask Admin to put their video in a featured videos list.


Then Admin will see proposed videos in AdminCP under Proposed Videos section. He may make video featured in one click!


Then, in phpFox Admin panel it's easy to make any other video featured or un-feature it. You may search by video name or ID.

Hope you will like this addon. Please don't hesitate to suggest new features, we are completely open to make enhancements!