FoxPlus Classic theme for phpFox Neutron

Hello friends!

This time we want to announce our new product called FoxPlus Classic theme.


We were inspired by styles Google used in their interfaces, so if you're looking for something similar to what you can see in their products, this is what you need.


As you can see, FoxPlus Classic theme for phpFox is 100% mobile-compatible and looks great on both iOS and Android.


We have paid attention to profile page, which is essential for all social networking websites. Template of user profiles was modified in a similar way to Google Plus profile style.


We have also paid attention to profiles that don't have cover image or profile image yet. As you can see, we have used glossy style with stylish dark tones.

For those who are interested in purchasing our new FoxPlus classic theme: please visit its phpFox store page by clicking below button:

Facebook style theme "FB template"

Dear phpFox friends!

We're glad to continue announcing our new products and services. With the release of all-new phpFox 4 with a lot of improvements and new features phpFox introduced completely new development platform which allows us to create new great modules and themes for all phpFox fans.

Today we'll tell you about our first theme for phpFox – FB template.


Facebook theme color scheme inherits best practices of social networking palettes. You will be able to set your own logo using your AdminCP. Main colors are blue, white and light gray:

Our new theme is fully responsive, as it is built basing on Twitter Bootstrap (just like phpFox Bootstrap theme), thus it looks and works best on all kinds of mobile and tablet devices.

Of course, mobile layout will also display your logo on the left

Of course, mobile layout will also display your logo on the left

We did our best to make even small details looking perfect, hope you'll enjoy that!


If you want to create your own social network and make it look as good as Facebook - that's exactly what you need!


You can check our products on this page and purchase this great theme using button below.